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Testing DIY Fountain

December Prayer computer model - programmed using xLights sequencing software

Screen shot of the xLights sequencing software

Hardware used to control the lights, projectors, props and pumps

What software was used to make the show?

What are some of the Props, lights and effects used in the show?

Audacity (freeware) to edit the audio tracks to download YouTube clips 

Corel VideoStudio Pro to edit the videos 

Adobe After Effects to add additional effects to the videos (freeware) to modify static images

xLights (freeware) light sequencing software to create the lighting sequences and control the show

Over 90 disney characters (many hand made and animated), over 9,000 smart pixels, RGB flood lights, Fog machine, Snow Machine, Fobble (bubbles and fog) machine and moving head lights

NBC Toys.jpg
Christmas Sea.jpg
Christmas Muppets.jpg
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